Hibiscus, Apricot, Lime, Kiwi

STATION: Nyakarenzo station
VARIETAL: 100 %Red Bourbon
PROCESSING: Fully washed
ALTITUDE: 1,722 meters
OWNER: 542 growers
REGION: Rusizi

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Additional information

Nyakarenzo washing station lies in the Rusizi District, Rwanda's most southwestern region. The region borders the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi and has a shoreline along Lake Kivu. The washing station lies close to the Cyamudongo natural highland forest. Nyakarenzo dedicates a significant focus on high-quality cherry selection, beginning at intake.

The manager who oversees cherry intake controls which cherries are accepted for processing and allows only the ripest cherry with no quality issues. After sorting takes place, cherries are pulped on a pulper equipped with a demucilager. The beans are then fermented in concrete tanks for 12 to 24 hours and then washed in clean water. Following fermentation, the beans pass through a washing and grading channel. As the beans flow through, wooden bars that are laid across the canal prevent beans of specific densities from passing through. These bars are spaced across the channel. While the first blockade stops the most-dense beans, the next is arranged to stop the second most-dense beans and so on. In total, the process separates the parchment into five different grades. Only the heaviest beans are selected for microlot production. After washing and grading, the coffee is delivered to dry on raised beds. Grades and day lots are kept separate in order to preserve quality and traceability. Coffee is sorted again to remove any damaged or suspect beans and is turned regularly to ensure even drying.